Convert Photos albums to digital

15 KWD

Convert photo albums to digital copies using the latest image scanning technology with a resolution of 300 to 600 DPI. Tapelized staff is trained in handling and taking care of old photo scanning.

You can request a minimum of 15 dinars to convert 100 photos into a digital copy. If you have more photos and you do not know how many are there, you should order the lowest amount, which is 15 dinars, the old photos will be scanned, and then you will know the total number of photos. The cost of converting all images and scanning of old images will be priced according to the pricing table below:

Photos Quantities Price KWD
0 – 500 0.150 Per Photo
500 – 2000 0.140 Per Photo
2000 – 5000 0.130 Per Photo
More Than 5000 Custom Price

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