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Tapelized provides the service of converting most types of video, audio and photos from old video and audio tapes and photo albums, converting vhs to digital near me and audio cassette tapes into digital copies. Digital conversion are processed after recording, cleaning and saving them on hard disks (such as flash memory or hard disk) or uploading them to servers to allow sharing over the Internet using smart phones in order to preserve them from damage while facilitating viewing, sharing and enjoying it on all types of modern devices. Tapelized help you immortalize your memories. We started work in 2015 and our goal is to preserve the past of our customers and achieve a distinctive experience to enjoy a more beautiful future.


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Somewhere in the dark, your memories are fading away. Under the Bed, up in the attic, out in the garage, somewhere there’s a box of older analog videotapes you’re hoping to treasure forever. But they’re fading fast. Captured on camcorder Videotape / Videocassette, those priceless moments are disappearing – victims of heat, humidity and time itself. Protecting and enjoying your Videotape / Videocassette is easy with Tapelized. We convert and preserve your older analog videotapes into crystal clear modern digital formats, so you can enjoy your treasured family videos for generations. Tapelized trained experts work on with extreme care to convert your valuable memories (video tapes, audio cassettes, photo albums) into digital format.

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Tapelized converts all types of data including Videos, Audios & Photos and accept different types of international formats of video cassettes like SECAM, NTSC & PAL. Tapelized also convert VHS to digital, vhs c converter to digital, Betamax to digital, Hi8 to digital, 8mm video to digital, Video 8 to digital, Mini DV to digital, Micro MV to digital, Audio Cassette tapes, Micro Cassette to digital, cassette tape to digital, convert old video tapes to digital, convert old vhs tapes to digital & any Images Size and save it on Cloud, Flash Memory, External Hard Drive.

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Tapelized provide a highly professional cleaning service for old tapes, where we clean the tape itself from dust particles, then convert old video tapes to digital copy, and start cleaning the video camera tape file to repair scratches, colors and lighting, as well as cleaning the audio file accompanying the video to ensure the highest possible quality enjoyed by the viewer.


Our role is not only limited to transferring and modifying old videos. Tapelized also repair any damaged, torn or damaged camera film tape.

We offer:



Before you is a vivid example showing the difference between the footage from a camcorder tape recorded nearly 30 years ago from the VHS tape that was converted to a camcorder tape by Tapelized. You can clearly notice the differences in the pictures.

Tapelized give your special memories the attention they deserve so our technicians manually work in the conversion process for hours as we convert old video cassette tape to digital individually to achieve the highest quality possible.



Send Amazing gifts to your loved ones, friends, and family members. We provide a gift Packaging service to send a copy of your converted materials to your gift receiver, and we provide four different styles of packaging, two styles  suitable for the size of the flash memory and two other styles for the size of the hard disk. 


Tapelized provides the service of receiving and converting video tape to digital formats and then delivering the old tapes and contents by sending its representatives to your headquarters and then reconnecting them again when the conversion process is completed free of charge within the State of Kuwait, provided that the total costs of the conversion process are not less than 30 Kuwaiti dinars.

For orders less than the mentioned value, an additional fee of only two dinars will be charged.

As for transfer requests outside the borders of the State of Kuwait, the customer can ship the old tapes and contents using international shipping services such as DHL or FedEx and send them to the company's address so that we can transfer the old video tapes. It can be sent back to the customer via the same shipping service, and often the international shipping cost for each half kilo will be 5 dinars.


The empty slot will not be counted at all. Tapelized calculates the conversion value of recorded old video tapes and old cassette tapes only.

Yes, we do always return original tapes in addition to the new digital version.

You will get the digital version according to the storage option you choose and the capacity of the digital content, which means that, after the completion of the process of digitize video cassette tapes, cassette tape to digital, converting cassette tapes to mp3 or scanning old photos, you will receive a call from one of our employees to tell you about the capacity of the digital content, and what is the appropriate storage option, whether it is a hard disk (flash memory / hard disk) or the cloud server.

We arrange as per the devices by noting the serial number on the hard copy and same name is given for the digital data. If any other notes added, it will be done accordingly.

Yes, we do clean the tape & cassettes upon the request of the client.

We also clean dust on the pictures but we don’t do extensive cleaning for the pictures as they may affect the quality of the scan based on the pictures.

Yes, our Tapelized team can repair the broken and damaged tapes before converting the video tapes, but we must preview the tapes to ensure that they can be repaired and convert video cassette to digital.

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