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Tapelized convert video tape to digital, convert VCR to digital, convert 8mm cassette to digital, convert old VHS tapes to digital, convert Mini DV, convert VHS, audio cassette tapes, Hi8 tape to digital, 8mm video cassette to digital and preserves on Flash Memory, External Hard Drive & Cloud.

Tapelized is one of Go Digital International Co. Brands. We are in the market since 2015, developed many Brands.The Company provides many marketing solutions includes:

Our Brands

We at Go Digital value for the business and personal life and provide services to all the sectors. Tapelized Provide seamless Opportunity to show your heritage memories to your generations. Recollecting the memories will enable zeal in life.

Plan, Create, Schedule & unlimited Post for all your Social Media Accounts On single calendar

Their mobile is your menu now!

Convert Video Tape to Digital - Whatsapp Auto

Whatsapp Auto Q&A

Windows Software to automated and personalized attendant tool to better serve your customers or their needs. Meet your messaging demand 24 hours a day, with no monthly fees or additional costs. The tool allows you to create a fully customized menu of options, sending offers in image and text format, sending media files, sending job offers, pre-defined messages and much more…

Our History

The Historical record of added the company's services

November 2015
Started Tapelized with the vision of helping to preserve memories for the coming generations. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for the future of our customers.
November 2015
August 2016
Digital Marketing
Launched Digital Marketing Service for reaching and boosting the sales for the Corporate , Small Scale Business and as well as Freelancers.
August 2016
February 2017
Website & Apps Development
Website & Apps Development added to our services to provide the best quality and affordable price in keeping mind of High & Low Budget type of Companies.
February 2017
March 2018
Marketing Contents
We design and develop marketing content for the clients keeping in mind the client business and competitors. This plays a vital role in the digital world.
March 2018
February 2020
Marketing Consultation & Strategy
Build strategies & marketing plans outline all the important pieces needed to successfully and consistently market your business. and Develop Brand identity and Strategies.
February 2020
July 2020
SM Waves (SaaS)
SM Waves its (Software as a Service) helps save time by scheduling unlimited posts on the calendar across various Social Media Platforms.
July 2020
October 2020
Digital Listening & Research
Deep Analysis and Digital listening for social media accounts and websites. and comparison between your accounts and those of your competitors. also Analyzing and comparing sentiment to see how customers feel about your products as well as your competitor's products/services across all of social media. and Analyzing your website visitors, Site Audi, Keywords research (Organic Traffic / PPC), Position Tracking Search engine, and much more
October 2020
November 2020
WhatsApp Auto Q&A (Windows Software)
WhatsApp Q&A is a Windows Software that enables you to use it as your assistant to answer queries for your clients mostly asked by the clients.
November 2020
February 2021
Menus World (SaaS)
Menus World is a comprehensive platform to scan the QR CODE providing the Digital Menu. This will help the restaurants and their customers easy and safe way to order at the restaurant, Cafes, or any business with Differents methods to checkout by a customer with sending the order through the system or on WhatsApp
February 2021

Our Team

Go Digital are talented creatives that take business seriously. Our team of experts is made up of creatives with technical know-how, strategists who think outside the box, and developers who push innovation. We Work both with startups and large enterprises. We focused on creating user experiences that build brands, deepen customer relationships and grow businesses.

Relying on our creative team, genuine thinkers, and trust builders. We analyze, plan, and implement to maximize your business potential by providing you with effective online digital marketing solutions. Our Team helps businesses grow by assuring their marketing budget is invested in the right places, managed by the right experts, and increasingly generates sales & profit.

“Together, we can make waves.”

Our Partners

We study and analyze the market needs and provide the best services and implement them for our clients to boost our Services and to provide the best-required resources we tie up our partners.

its Enterprise Customer Relationship management system, includes Communication & management tools for your team, files sharing, Services management, calendars, and more.

Listening & analysis Millions of conversions happening on social media and/or owned and competitors in different languages with the focus on both Arabic & English.

Enterprise Content Management solution for businesses of all sizes. It can be installed on-premises as well as hosted on the cloud. Key features include document management, multi-user access, file and folder restrictions, audit logs, and periodic backups. workflow automate, audit log, mobile application & more.

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