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Specify the number of video tapes to be digitized, their type and storage mechanism. Tapelized agents will receive the old tapes, clean them, convert cassette tape to digital copies with lighting and color correction, return them to you and deliver the new digital copies.

We converts all types of videotapes like VHS tape to digital, mini DV tape to digital, VHS to flash drive, old video tapes to digital, 8mm tape to digital, Hi8 to digital, Betamax to digital, VHS-c converter to digital.

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Convert VideoTape to Digital Copies

Tapelized Digitize Video Cassette Tapes Services

We converts all old formats to the best and latest possible digital version, an integrated service starting from receiving tapes, then cleaning them, then repairing them if necessary, and then convert videotape to digital, a modern visual format that can be viewed easily on smartphones or computers by requesting a service to convert old video tapes to digital.

Digitize video tapes

Doesn’t matter whatever is the type of the tape, show it to Tapelized and it will be dealt with, then we will convert videotape to digital.


5 reviews for Convert Videotape to digital

  1. Ahmed


  2. Areej

    خدمة ممتازه … و سيتم التعامل معكم مره اخرى

  3. Abdul Hameed

    Excellent Service

  4. Abdul Hameedali

    Excellent Service

  5. Khaled

    Excellent service and quality of conversion

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